"The bar for talent in our business is exceptionally high, some have said impossible. However, over the course of more than 50 successful searches all around the world, JMA have fully embraced our needs and shared our passion for landing big leaders. They genuinely understand what great looks like in our business and share a similar cultural outlook. Authentic, driven and fun to work with, JMA are exceptional partners to our business."

Chief Human Resources Officer, Fortune 250 Company

"Working with JMA to find the President of one of our most complex divisions was a great experience. They scoured the globe for talent, and provided great service and sound advice. Not only was the process structured and thorough, they challenged and supported the CEO and me appropriately throughout the process. JMA are a trusted partner and I would definitely recommend their knowledgeable, relationship-driven approach."

Group HR Director, FTSE 100 Company

"The reason JMA is our long-term preferred supplier is that they only ever put forward candidates we know we’ll want to hire!"

VP, HR, Europe, Fortune 250 Company

"JMA are intellectually curious and robust, bring rare insights to assignments and are driven to succeed. They also often know their candidates better than anyone else, and sometimes better than the candidates themselves. As a result, you can rely on JMA to get to the right answer."

CEO, Private Equity-Backed Retailer

"JMA are hugely knowledgeable about the consumer sector. As well as being very well connected, they really understand how companies actually work and how teams fit together to achieve great results - a surprisingly rare skill within their industry."

Board Director, FTSE 100 Company

"JMA are simply some of the most outstanding search professionals I have met. As a candidate, they provided me with a great experience. As a client, they delivered outstanding service on each occasion and found world-class candidates."

Divisional CEO, Global Food Retailer

"JMA’s tenacity, resourcefulness and unrivalled understanding of the marketplace have produced a stream of hires that have significantly increased our internal talent pool. Always honest and hugely engaging, they are trusted partners for senior search activity."

HR Director, FTSE 100 Retailer